26-27 AUGUST 2017


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26-27 AUGUST 2017

Time: 10:30-16:30

INVESTMENT: $345,- / Early Bird $289,- (till May 9th)

Location: will be known soon!


About the Course:

“An enrichment for life and everything that will come”

– Cor Bouw, The Netherlands

Join us during this exhilarating two-day course that opens a fascinating window into the very depths of your life destiny. During this course you will be taken on a journey back to the roots of the Yijing, The Classic of Changes – and learn how to combine it with one of the oldest astrology-methods in the world: Nine Star Ki.


Chinese philosophy views mankind as an element of time. We are born under a certain constellation and at a certain time. From Chinese thoughts these time conditions are shaped into a kind of stamp and transferred upon us.

From birth until death these conditions will remain to be an integral part of our existence, not only influencing our personality and physical constitution, but also our life destiny. In fact these conditions are turning us into a physical expression of time. And since time has a cyclical behavior, us humans have become predictable.

After this 2-day course You will understand:

– the 8 Ming Gua characteristics;
– the set-up of a Hexagram and what their basic natures are;
– the role of the 5 elements within a hexagram;
– how to interpret your own and each others’ hexagrams and matching life themes

In short, you will learn and understand to see life (and all transformations that occur) as an expression of the energy patterns that were present at time of birth and how these patterns miraculously unfold themselves. It would be my pleasure to pass on to you this unique knowledge.


Course-leader: Johannes Bloemsma (1980) has worked with some of the best YIJING scholars in Europe after developing the Nourishing Destiny-model, an authentic new integration of YIJING and Nine Star Ki-methods. With this unique method he travels internationally providing consultations, lectures and courses, both to individuals as corporations.

More information about this unique Integration of Nine Star Ki and Yijing methods, applied here to DONALD TRUMP