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-Know Yourself, Shape your Future-

Join us during this exhilarating two-day course that opens a fascinating window into the very depths of your life destiny. The more you get out of your own way and start walking the path that lies within, the more your life becomes an expression of nature, of your True Self. The Nourishing Destiny Course will lead you to that path by using an authentic integration of Nine Star Ki-astrology with the oldest book of wisdom and oracles of the world – the I Ching, the Classic of Changes. Together, these great Chinese treasures create an amazing indepth understanding of the blueprint of your life. It enables you to know, and fully understand, how to shape your future and to live a life that’s rooted in powerful harmony. Are you up for it? REGISTER now and we’ll keep you informed. Thanks!

Integration of Nine Star Ki and I Ching methods, applied here to Bernie Sanders

Course-leader: Johannes Bloemsma (1980) has worked with some of the best I Ching scholars in Europe after developing the Nourishing Destiny-model, an authentic new integration of I Ching and Nine Star Ki-methods. With this unique method he travels internationally providing consultations, lectures and courses, both to individuals as corporations.