Kris Nagorska
Pharmaceutical engineer
Interesse in een Feng Shui scan van jouw woning of kantoor? Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Feng Shui Consult

I was interested for quite some time in applying the wisdom of the Feng-Shui in my newly bought place. However, I was not very satisfied with an approach offered by so-called ‘Western Feng-Shui School’, which was too simplistic in my view. In my quest of finding a person with the more substantial knowledge of this art I came across Dominique. She visited me for the first time in January 2017 and after lengthy and enjoyable conversation I decided to ask her for the thorough analysis of the Qi in my place. Within few weeks, she provided me with an informative report based on classical school of the ancient Feng-Shui art; Dominique analyzed the Human (Nine Star Ki astrology), Heaven and Earth Qi in my place; I must say that I appreciate her deep understating of this complex matter and explaining it to me in a simplified and digestible way. She patiently answered multiple questions I had during the whole process via e-mail and during the direct interactions, which was definitely very helpful. I found her advice intriguing and very helpful. I am looking forward to implement all the changes she proposed to see how it is going to play out for me