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– By Johannes Bloemsma



We would like to introduce a model to you. A model that – although new in it’s form – is deeply rooted in the ancient sciences of astrology and divination. Using a unique combination of Nine Star Ki-astrology and the I Ching it reveals the underlying energy patterns that are not only active in our personality and physical constitution, but also in the mysterious force of fate and destiny.

In this article we will analyze the energy patterns (hexagrams) belonging to Donald Trump. What kind of a man is he? And – for the divination part – will he be able to win the elections in November?


Donald Trump is born on June 14, 1946, which gives him a natal energy pattern that is symbolized by hexagram 41: Decrease (Loss): 


The upper trigram, Mountain, sits on the lower trigram, Lake. A part of the lake is absorbed by the mountain and the mountain loses some stability due to the waters of the lake, so there is a decrease in each. That’s why people with this DAO-hexagram tend to think they are lacking something. There is this sense of (inner) poverty.

Although they look confident, proud and independent (trigram Mountain), traits that can help them to achieve success and manage good positions in life – the core of their identity is just the opposite: wavering, insecure and full of doubts (trigram Lake). They tend to cover these things up by being loudly obstinate and tenacious in the outside world, which can give them an air of superiority. This might work for a while, they might get some success, but in the end it will isolate them from their True Self. Therefore, the essence of this natal energy pattern is to learn how to sincerely sacrifice (decrease) all forms of self-importance, including feelings of anger and retribution. Because the diminution of excesses in one quarter to the benefit of another brings every situation into accordance with right and reason. Accordingly, as the Image Text of this hexagram states:

“The superior man controls his anger
And restrains his instincts.”

As soon this is accomplished, the (inner) poverty no longer needs to be covered with empty phrases. ‘I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters’ – are the words of a rebellious child who, in fact, is very insecure.
Let us keep this in mind as we move along to the second hexagram on the left of the model, which represents the way an individual presents himself in the outer world:


And here we see an energy pattern that is called “The Arousing, Shock” (hexagram 51). It’s a fierce-full and strong energy, which can be erratic and untamed, because it lacks the deliberation of reason. As a whole: the image of this hexagram – in which the upper trigram, Thunder, is aroused by the lower trigram, also Thunder – expresses “a force which has been obstructed and which suddenly bursts forth in an explosion” (Hua-Ching Ni). It uses shock and confusion in order to (re)gain control, something Donald openly admitted doing.

When we open ourselves to the content of this hexagram, we gain insights to the underlying psychological factors. Everything we try to be in the outer world, has its roots in the psyche, our inner world. So, what is ‘shock’?

Shock occurs when a new experience is too fast for our inner coordination to deal with it. Like, for example – getting involved in an car accident. It causes a sudden disorganization of our inner being (panic) which can easily make a person insensitive to either his of her own physical or spiritual suffering or that of others. Whenever shock is entering the human system, there can be a loss (Decrease) of identity. When this “loss” affects the psyche, a sense of anger, frustration or edginess can easily develop. Having said this, I don’t believe it’s difficult to see that above aspects are very much active in Donald’s behavior.

This energy pattern is therefore also very sensitive to the boundaries that make for the recognition of self and others. But wanting to build a massive wall against “the Mexicans” is by no means an unbalanced manifestation of inner shock.
This feeling is not understood, but projected on the outer world, on the Muslims, on the Mexicans, on everything that could be considered as an “invader”. Needless to say, whenever this energy field enters the collective mind, it can be very dangerous. It becomes hostile. That’s why the IMAGE TEXT of this hexagram states:

“Thunder repeated: the image of SHOCK.
Thus in fear and trembling, the superior man sets his life in order
 and examines himself.”

The ability to stay calm and centered while experiencing shock, to not react with anger or blind aggression, depends on the way a person (or nation) has examined and cultivated himself. The political rallies of Donald Trump are getting more tense, not to say violent. This makes me wonder: is there a great lack of self-worth or loss of identity going on in America? And where will this lead to?

Overall, shock is good. It’s like an earthquake that shakes the foundation on which all our beliefs, wishes and illusions are built upon. It makes us re-examine what is real and just. As long as we can stay calm and not react blindly to shock, there is some real personal growth in it. But for most people that’s very hard, because whenever shock occurs in our life, we feel threatened that something completely new and disturbing is entering (invading) our being. Something we wish to wrestle with, just to keep the “old ways” intact. So, the rise of Donald Trump and all the turmoil that undoubtedly will be aroused by it, can either lead to a collective re-examination of what is right, just and reasonable – and that would be the path of the wise man -, or to a difficult time in which confusion and conflicting emotions are clouding the American mind, bringing distortions in whatever it reflects.

Now, if we look at the third hexagram, the one on the right, we find an energy pattern that symbolizes the lessons Donald Trump had (or has) to learn in life in order to become more balanced:

“Strange lands and separation are the wanderer’s lot,” Wilhelm states. “When a man is a wanderer and stranger, he should not be gruff nor overbearing (…) Then he has good fortune and can go his way unmolested.” This energy pattern (hexagram 56, “The Wanderer”) is very important, especially the fifth line, because it’s the very point were Donald Trump is right now in his life and destiny – till December 2016. And the line states:

“He shoots a pheasant.
It drops with the first arrow.
In the end this brings both praise and office.”

This means someone is reaching his goal – and will be able to “shoot” it. Therefore, it is a favorable omen. The word “office” can not be misunderstood in this context. It means there’s a very good chance that Donald Trump will be the next president of America. But there is a disturbing twist in this line, because it’s in the outer trigram, which also represents the outer world. Therefore, it can also mean that someone already is planning an assault on Donald Trump if he does become the president. If we take this into account, the sentence “In the end this brings both praise and office” creates the dark feeling that an assault, in order to regain control, will be arranged from his own political wing. And that perhaps a foreigner, a wanderer, will be imprisoned for it.

Enough for the divination part, because time is flexible and so is the human mind and therefore faith. Many of the above will very much depend on Donald Trump himself according the top line of the upper hexagram in the model. It states:

“Cockcrow penetrating to heaven.
 Perseverance brings misfortune.”

“The cock is dependable,” Wilhelm says. “It crows at dawn. But it cannot itself fly to heaven. It just crows. A man may count on mere words to awaken faith. This may succeed now and then, but if persisted in, it will have bad consequences.” Therefore, one must hope that Donald – and for the sake of the world, we all – will connect with the overall energy that’s active in this hexagram (61), because there’s much at stake here:It’s called “Inner truth”, in which there is no need to project any persona other than your real self.


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